Hearing God’s Voice – Part 2

Practiced what you learned from Hearing God’s Voice – part 1?

In part two of Hearing God’s Voice, we examine further that the Father wants you to hear Him and you were MADE to hear His voice.  Otherwise how would we be able to receive correction and direction with this ability.  Even a professional sports player starts with crawling then walking and moves into being a professional with a great deal of practice.

Follow along with Arthur Bailey in Hearing God’s Voice – Part 2:

Truth or Tradition Ministries

Truth or Tradition Ministries is a ministry of sowing seeds.  The sower readies the field making and preparing a fertile ground to open up and receive the seed.  The seed is the Word spoken by God’s voice to Moses, then written down and handed through the generations.  The seeds Truth or Tradition Ministries sows is through teachings, snippets to cause you to think about various subjects, and presenting traditions handed down by our forefathers in a manner to cause the reader to think logically and determine if it is Truth or Tradition.

Truth or Tradition Ministries does not go out and put on a revival, “saving” souls and then depart to another place, leaving starving and dying shoots to whither.  We believe in discipleship and training as fertilizers.  We partner with teachers like Arthur Bailey, Michael Rood, Jim Staley, Kenny Russell and Keith Johnson who teach the truth of the word of the father and show you how to hear God’s voice and walk the narrow path to salvation..