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We are very excited to announce a new idea from Truth-Tradition Ministries in order to create good old-fashioned, head scratching THINKING!  The Discussion forum is about exciting topics and questions compared to opinions, doctrine and beliefs and how that are found in scripture or if they are of man.  Wow, this should be a wild ride and we encourage you to come to our site at www.truth-tradition.com and share your opinions, beliefs and the scripture that support them.

Your Input is Required

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Marriage God’s Way – Part 1 by Arthur Bailey

Marriage God’s Way – Part 1

Do you dare dig into what the Father, creator of everything seen and unseen, has to say about marriage? Is this what is troubling your marriage? Ready to make a commitment to repairing or bettering your marriage?

Today we start the 4 part series called Marriage God’s Way. Please take the time first to gather your spouse, a bible and some paper and pen to take notes and make “to do” list. You owe it to your self, your spouse, your children and your relationship to the great witness, God, of your marriage.