Where does your loyalty lie?

Sometimes we will go through a season where we feel we have screwed up too badly and YHVH is too disgusted with us to love us anymore. When I cannot seem to convince myself otherwise, I take another path — I tell myself that even if He has abandoned me, He is still worthy of my service for life, and that it is an honor and a privilege to be able to keep His commandments — that even if I am too wrong for Him, they are right for me.

As I endure in His service, despite my doubts and fears, my doubts and fears melt away and realize that He was never gone from me, but that I had turned away from Him for a while. The lack of His presence is a test — will we remain faithful or will we turn away from Him?

he will remain faithful Bible verse 2 Tim 2:11-13

Where does your loyalty lie?

In many ways, this boils down to a test of endurance and loyalty. In your heart of hearts, in the depth of your being — if He responded to your rebellion by abandoning you, does your heart still long to worship Him, or were you simply in it for yourself? Time and time again, that is the question we must answer — who is this all about? If it is about us, and not about the loyalty He deserves, we will turn away, if only in our hearts.

Moses faced this trial when he struck the rock to bring forth water.  He struck it when he was commanded to speak to it, and claimed responsibility for the miracle of water. He was denied entrance to the promised land. At this point, after all his years of faithful service, he had a choice — turn his back on Elohim or decide that no matter what, YHVH was worth serving and His commandments worth obeying.

He endured. He is our example.

Figuring Out What Good Means

I have come to the point where I am more focused on chasing truth than lies, in pursuing good than evil, and in exploring righteousness than sin. There is more evil out there than I will ever know about.

I have to set my priorities on getting “good” figured out before I dare risk dealing with evil.

think about what is good Bible verse