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The Calendar… We have a few to choose from.  There is the Gregorian version, established by Pope Gregory.  There is the Jewish version established by Hillel II.  Also there is God’s (YHVH) calendar established about 6000 years ago.  So which should we follow?

calendarMany arguments exist about this topic.  Many points of view are also hotly debated regarding the calendars.  It is well understood that the Gregorian Calendar, using pagan names for the months and days of the week is the main calendar used in the world.  Ah yes, but we are told not to be of the world.

The Gregorian Calendar

We pretty much don’t have a choice about this calendar since the rest of the pagan world follows this version.  We are stuck with calling the names of the days and months by pagan gods.  When the Christian church follows this calendar, they are in fact acknowledging the authority of the Pope.

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