The Blind Leading The Blind

“Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Mat 15:14 NAU)

What did Jesus (Yeshua) mean?

In context we have the Pharisees complaining to Jesus (Yeshua) that His disciples were not following the “traditions of the elders” by eating bread without washing their hands first.  Jesus explains that eating with dirty hands does not make you unclean, but the things you say is what makes you unclean.  He states further that their traditions break the commands of God. Continue Reading →

Searching for the Sermon on the Mount Location

Searching for the sermon on the mount location

The sermon on the mount is like every other location where the Messiah was while on earth.  As you can imagine, every denomination has a place in the land of Israel that they claim is the actual location of an event in the Messiah’s ministry and the sermon on the mount is no different.  A simple Google search yield about 288,000 results on the key words “where was the sermon on the mount located”

Description of the history at this location

Description of the history at this location

The sermon on the mount is also called the Mount of Beatitudes as well.  Matthew chapters 5-7 and Luke 6 is the scripture location of the clues given to possible places where this teaching was delivered by Yeshua (Jesus) our Messiah.  We know that in one location, the Byzantine’s built a church on what they claim as the location, but another location has been put forth on the trail called the “Jesus Walk.”  Still, Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts show even a third location.

An interesting side note about the Sermon on the Mount

Jesus (Yeshua) giving a “Cliff Notes” review of the instructions (Torah) given to Moses is a shadow picture of what happened in the book of Exodus, Chapter 19where Moses went up the mountain to receive what God had for him and God came down to meet with Moses to give him his instructions personally.

So here as we shall see, Jesus came down the mountain and the people came up to receive the instructions (Torah) that Yeshua was given from His Father in Heaven.  Thus Jesus gave a more easily understood version of the instructions found in the Torah. Continue Reading →