When Was Jesus Conceived?

When was Jesus conceived?  Like so many others I wanted to know the truth surrounding the birth of our Messiah.  When did the angel Gabriel appear to Mary?  Was it on a special day or just an ordinary day?  Are there any clues from Scripture?

With the answers to these questions we could construct a time line that would shed light on THE Light of the World’s appearance on earth.  So in looking for answers we can jump into the shoes of Luke who, according to scripture, conducted a thorough investigation and reported to his esteemed disciple, Theophilus.

Luke 1:1-3

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An Eye Opening Look at Hosea 4

I was reading in Hosea scripture the other day and came across this one in chapter 4 which it caused me to reflect upon our own nation who claims to be a grafted in nation with Israel.  When allowing my thoughts to proceed I drew a conclusion I wish to share and get some feedback on.  I was unable to find a reason that the United States should escape the same punishment that Israel had if we do not repent like those of Nineveh did when Jonah brought correction. Continue Reading →

Oh the Plans I Have For You Saith YHVH

Looking at Jeremiah 29:11

Time and circumstance seem to merge together to create a stress level that captures our minds and leads us down rabbit trails of thought into places that bring a sense of over-whelming doom as we race through the possibilities.  Money issues, family problems and even world events can bring the stress level to a boiling point.  Then we allow our natural man to start problem-solving without the input from Yehovah. Continue Reading →