Sticks and Stones – The Power of Your Words

If the power of your words means nothing, then why must we give an account for every one of them? We all said it as kids; “Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Made us feel better, but what actually took place when those bullies called us names? Did those words affect us, effect us or did we just let them go. I know for me, those words did hurt and caused reflection upon what was said.

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit. (Pro 18:21 NAS)

The power of the tongue

Once I firmly grasped the power of Proverbs 18:21, I realized the biggest person I offended by my words was me. That little voice inside of your head and the constant putting myself down, even in jest, actually created what I was saying. We know the verses about reaping and sowing, but to match them with your tongue is extremely important. We reap those words we speak in the sowing of them with our tongue.

The tongue has even greater power than that, able to boast of great and terrible things. Here is what James, the brother of Jesus (Yeshua) has to say about the tongue:

So also the tongue is a small part of the body, and yet it boasts of great things. Behold, how great a forest is set aflame by such a small fire!  And the tongue is a fire, the very world of iniquity; the tongue is set among our members as that which defiles the entire body, and sets on fire the course of our life, and is set on fire by hell. For every species of beasts and birds, of reptiles and creatures of the sea, is tamed, and has been tamed by the human race. But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison. (Jam 3:5-8 NAS)

Bringing forth treasures

Yeshua (Jesus) also had an opinion regarding the tongue and it’s potential power to display what is inside a man.

“You brood of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. “The good man out of his good treasure brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of his evil treasure brings forth what is evil. “And I say to you, that every careless word that men shall speak, they shall render account for it in the day of judgment. “For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned.”
(Mat 12:34-37 NAS)

This is such a stunning statement from our Messiah and savior that we need to get an understanding how it all fits together. The all telling fact that the words we speak reveal what we have stored inside ourselves. The tongue spills thoughtless words that will justify you or condemn you. So it is very important to be “quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.”

And God Said…

Creation itself is testimony to the power of the spoken word as YHVH (God) spoken everything into existence by his words. YHVH so loved us that is sent the Word as his only begotten son to give us an understanding of the power yielded by the Word made flesh. That very same Yeshua (Jesus) who is the risen son of YHVH promised us that we would do the things we saw Him do and even ‘greater works shall we do.’

With the power of the tongue of Jesus (Yeshua) he raised Lazarus from the dead, divided the fishes and loaves to feed thousands and commanded the demons to leave. The disciples, being sent out, reported that at their spoken word, even the demons yielded to them too. There is no doubt of the power of your words as they can do all things when matched with faith and hope.

How do we keep our soul from trouble?

Fully understanding the power of our words it would do us good to review the tongue and its ramifications in scripture. The word ‘tongue’ is used 129 times in the King James Version, many are referencing the little power member of our human body. I it a good study to see how scripture warns us about the tongue.

We can use positive reinforcing words to create our futures, heal our bodies and speak things into existence, but only mixed with faith. Yeshua (Jesus) said that if we have faith as a grain of a mustard seed, we can say to this mountain, move from here to there and it shall move; and nothing shall be impossible for us, as recorded in Matthew 17:20

So in this we should practice the following:

He who guards his mouth and his tongue, Guards his soul from troubles. (Pro 21:23 NAS)

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