Easter – A Holy Day of Worship or a Pagan Festival?

Easter – Holy day or Pagan Ritual – Questions and Answers

  1. Is Easter the true celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Messiah from the dead or is it something more evil with it’s roots into deeply imbedded into paganism?
  2. Is Easter Sunday the day of the resurrection of Jesus Messiah or is it a Pagan Festival, the first Sunday after the vernal equinox of the sun god worship?
  3. Are we commanded to worship the Easter Festival in the Bible?

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Based on the sign given of Jonah, Did Jesus Lie or The Church?

Based on the “Sign of Jonah” either the Church is lying or Jesus is.  Jesus said:

“A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.” (Mat 16:4 KJV)

So if Jesus said this and he died on Friday and rose from the dead on Sunday morning, he is a liar and is disqualified from being the Messiah.  So Pastor, how can you possibly stand up there, high above me on your pedestal, and tell me all about this wonderful Jesus person that supposedly rose from the grave to take away my sins, that if I say a short little prayer I am saved, yet what Jesus said out of his own mouth you proclaim it different and it is a lie?  Ok, explain to me how there are three days and three nights from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. Continue Reading →

Hearing God’s Voice – Part 4

Part 4 from Arthur Bailey’s series – Hearing God’s Voice?

In this final video, Arthur Bailey takes you into your own hear to examine what you hear and shows you that you have heard His voice before.  Listen as others who have been following along give testimony to the success they had from examining the scriptures and applying them in heir lives.  We have learned that God has spoken to both believers and unbelievers, was spoken through out history and is still speaking to his people today.  Enjoy Part 4 and PLEASE share what your experience has been with this series.

Follow along with Arthur Bailey in Hearing God’s Voice – Part 4:

Truth or Tradition Ministries

Truth or Tradition Ministries is a ministry of sowing seeds.  The sower readies the field making and preparing a fertile ground to open up and receive the seed.  The seed is the Word spoken by God’s voice to Moses, then written down and handed through the generations.  The seeds Truth or Tradition Ministries sows is through teachings, snippets to cause you to think about various subjects, and presenting traditions handed down by our forefathers in a manner to cause the reader to think logically and determine if it is Truth or Tradition.

Truth or Tradition Ministries does not go out and put on a revival, “saving” souls and then depart to another place, leaving starving and dying shoots to whither.  We believe in discipleship and training as fertilizers.  We partner with teachers like Arthur Bailey, Michael Rood, Jim Staley, Kenny Russell and Keith Johnson who teach the truth of the word of the father and show you how to hear God’s voice and walk the narrow path to salvation..